Health of arctic and antarctic bird populations


Date Initiative
8 October 2008 At the University of Groningen, there is a Ph.D. scholarship available to combine field work with laboratory analysis into the interaction between birds and their pathogens and parasites. More info here. Deadline 1 November.
27 April 2007 At the 2nd International Eurasian Ornithology Congress in Antalya, Turkey on the 26-29 October 2007, there will be a special session about bird parasites. Members of the BIRDHEALTH project will be present to discuss further cooperation and plans. Note the relative low cost and beautiful venue. Deadline for abstracts 1 July 2007, for early registration 15 July 2007.
For more information about this posting contact Olga Dolnik
7 March 2007 At the EOU conference in Vienna on the 24-29 August 2007, there is a special session named: Health of Arctic and Antarctic bird populations (symposium number 2). So far we are preparing two keynote lectures:
Andres Barbosa Focussing on antarctic birds
Maarten Loonen Focussing on arctic birds
We hope to receive more reactions and suggestions from the birdhealth team. Deadline for the abstracts is soon: 31 March. Details on submission can be found here. For more information about this posting contact either Andres Barbosa or Maarten Loonen
24 Oct 2006 The Norwegian Research Council has funded BirdHealth Norway. The budget is 240 000 per year in three years. A postdoc position is announced,
2 August 2006 The Spanish Ministry of Education and Science has funded our partner Andres Barbosa. He will study pinguin colonies in the Antarctic.
2 June 2006 All four proposals under the BIRDHEALTH initiative, send to the Netherlands Science Foundation have been funded. BIRDHEALTH is in bussiness, with The Netherlands as a basis (3 post-doc positions, one Ph.D. position and one technician). Stay in contact and follow the latest news.
3 Feb 2006 The first workshop is announced. A meeting in Groningen 22-24 March 2006, sponsored by the Netherlands Science Foundation. For details click here.
25 Jan 2006 Deadlines for funding proposals
Norway - 15 March 2006 - Sveinn Are Hanssen
Canada - 10 March 2006 - Emily Jenkins
Germany - no open round - Helmut Kruckenberg
UK - no open round - Eileen Rees
USA - see
18 Jan 2006 In the Netherlands, four projects were posted for funding. Abstracts and full documents can be found here.
13 Dec 2005 We have received endorsement of CAFF, Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna ( To view their letter, click here.
25 Nov 2005 For France, Thierry Boulinier made a small proposal: proposal.
3 Nov 2005 The full proposal is evaluated by the International IPY committee positively. The letter can be found here.
"The Joint Committee considers that your proposal as submitted includes very strong scientific components and demonstrates a high level of organisation and of adherence to the IPY themes and goals. Based on the materials provided, the Joint Committee has every reason to believe that the activity as proposed will constitute a prominent and valued part of the IPY program and therefore conditionally endorses your submission."
30 Sept 2005 The full proposal is submitted to A draft version of the full proposal is send to all partners. See downloads for this document.
5 Aug 2005 Some fieldwork on Barnacle Geese in Spitsbergen.
10 June 2005 Clustering seems needed, but with who? Project 216 wants to cluster. I have send an email to all bird proposals. Full text here. See also reactions.
1 April 2005 Our project is rated as a potential lead project. EOI's needs to become clustered for full proposal submission.
14 Jan 2005 The Expression of Intent for activities in IPY 2007-2008 is submitted to the international IPY committee.
13 Jan 2005 National IPY committees reactions and endorsements. Click under reaction for the text.
Netherlands12 Jan 2005Endorsed
UK12 Jan 2005Filed
Norway17 Jan 2005Endorsed
12 Jan 2005 National IPY committees contacted sofar
CountrySend in byDate
NetherlandsMaarten Loonen4 Jan 2005
UKEileen Rees12 Jan 2005
NorwaySvein Arne Hanssen14 Jan 2005
Other organisations contacted:
CAFF Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna
11 Jan 2005 For all countries, please contact your national IPY committee for support of this project. Adresses for IPY committees can be found here. All partners have received this email
4 Jan 2005 People are contacted by email to join the project
4 Jan 2005 The first draft of the "Expression of intent for activities in IPY 2007-2008" is placed on the website. Deadline for submission 14 january 2005.
1 Jan 2005 This website is launched
1 Nov 2004 The national IPY commission of the Netherlands launches information for Dutch researchers (in Dutch)